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Bristo Motorsports: Dave Acker & Rob Leipziger
Rob wins the division one finals in 2012 and receives
the biggest award in drag racing the "Wally".

Dave Ackers Camar

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Super Chevy Magazine Article
Super Chevy Magazine Article
Super Chevy Magazine Article
Super Chevy Magazine Article

Super Chevy Magazine Article
Super Chevy Magazine Article
Super Chevy Magazine Article
Super Chevy Magazine Article

Dave Acker famously known for his A&W Performance Racing and Rob Leipziger owner of LRA Motor Sports Dyno and Speed Shop proudly announces the joining of their two great companies which can now be found on line at www.bristolmotorsports.com.

Both Rob Leipziger & Dave Acker have been long time racing enthusiasts and part of the automotive industry for decades. Both men started their automotive careers in the 1980's – which began in their home garages. Each starting with a 1 bay garage in Levittown, PA.

Through the years Rob ventured out into all areas of the automotive world which included towing, automotive & truck repair and collision to name just a few. We are truly a one stop operation that can handle all jobs.

Dave is known for being "Home of the Fastest Street Cars" with his "expertise" of high performance engine building, Nitrous Systems & track-side assistance. Both men have joined forces for their passion of racing.

A&W Performance & LRA Motorsports Dyno and Speed Shop, offers a variety of performance products and services; parts sales, precision tuning and high quality maintenance/repair for your vehicle.

A Great Partnership

Dave's '69 Camaro was featured in Super Chevy (magazine) and Popular Hot Racing (magazine) and was one of the fastest street legal cars in the northeast.

His Toyota Celica was also campaigned in the NSCA Outlaw Street Class and in the Orlando World Street Nationals.

We do a wide range of performance modifications on all vehicles and we would be happy to discuss the best upgrade options for you.

Performance PartsOur product range includes supercharger and turbocharger upgrades, engine internals, high-flow cold air intake systems, exhaust systems, performance engine software, suspension packages, and complete wheel-tire packages.

We are here to provide customers with a large selection of parts, service and installation, as well as Dyno tuning.

Need a performance part? Call us or contact us today, we carry the top manufacturers - if you're local, stop by our speed shop and browse our parts department!

LRA Motorsports houses a Mustang All Wheel Drive Dyno for tuning and testing.  We can do product testing, tune your vehicle for maximum performance, or simply show you what your car 's performance potential.