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Dyna tuning
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Dyno Tuning

A&W Performance / LRA Motorsports Dyno Tuning Services

Dyno Tuning is the only way to correctly tune a car for performance.

Dyno Tuning ServicesWe have just upgraded our Mustang Dyno MD500 to offer you the best performance from your car.

Every car is different, so each make and model has different specifications, we use a variety of tuning software such as HP Tuners, SCT, Fast & Big Stuff and DiabloSport Gasoline and Diesel Tuning Systems.

Dyno tuning allows us to diagnose what the vehicle is doing from the beginning to end.

Dyno Tuning Screen Whether it's a carbureted or fuel injected vehicle, we can then adjust for peak performance and output based on the diagnostics.

Based upon the data the Dyno retrieves, we know how to read and adjust for peak performance of your engine.

Our technicians can tune just about any motor and can provide the exact combination of performance upgrades, getting you the maximum horsepower and reliability from your engine.

Dyno Tuning Software

Dyno Software is what gives us the ability to communicate with your car - each car is unique so each Dyno Tuning Software is unique. Below we have listed all the Auto manufacturers that we tune, but keep in mind, we do have to get the specific to your vehicles year - make and model.

HP Tuners Diablo Sport CMR Crome Pro
HP Tuners Diablo Sport CMR Crom Pro
moTec Electromotive FAST - Fuel and Spark Technology
MoTeC Electromotive FAST
Edelbrock Big Stuff 3  
Edelbrock Big Stuff 3