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Roll Bars / Chassis

Roll Bars and ChassisA roll bar or roll cage is a specially engineered and constructed frame built to help stiffen the chassis to provide protection to the body of the vehicle as well as to the driver and passengers.

All the horsepower that your performance engine can produce can put strain on the chassis, and if the chassis is not reinforced, fiberglass body parts can wear down over time - but ultimately, the main goal of roll bars is to protect the passenger(s) from being injured especially in the event of a roll-over.

There are many different roll cage designs and if you're in the racing industry you know that the specifications depend on the racing organization.

Our professionals know the extent of having a good reinforcement system and from roll cages, front and rear sub-frames, chassis kits, sub-frame connectors - from ties, K-Members and cross members, your roll bars / roll cage can be built to the specification you need.

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